Skoda Octavia vRS long-term review – new arrival

Skoda Octavia vRS long term review intro 002

  • Run by: Richard Aucock
  • Mileage: 100 on delivery
  • Average MR MPG: 57.7
  • It’s very… Green, isn’t it? The reaction of pretty much everyone that’s seen the Octavia vRS since I took delivery in the middle of May.

    Sure is. And I love it.

    Resplendent in my chosen colour, it looked fantastic when it at last rolled up outside my door, factory fresh and with just 100 miles on the clock. I knew I’d chosen well, even if others remain to be convinced.

    The official name is Rallye Green and to my (brown) eyes it is a Skoda’s home colour. The badge may not have as much green in it as it once did but spend time with the company and you’re soon aware of its favourite colour.

    The epitome of common sense

    This most Skoda of Skodas is very Skoda in other ways too. It is fearsomely practical, one of the most useful family cars on sale. That’s not just because it is bigger than most, but because the space has been so well planned.

    Yes, it has a 610-litre litre boot, which extends to 1,740 litres with the seats down. But it also has door pockets shaped to take water bottles. A proper air con glovebox. A brilliant holder shaped for an iPhone.

    Skoda Octavia vRS long term review intro 005

    Vision all around is panoramic. Controls are foolproof. It’s easy to get in and out (despite the surprisingly deeply bolstered high-back vRS buckets) and loading two children into the back is even easier. In the first few days with any new car, you tend to discover the bits that a company’s really thought about – or not – and many hours have clearly been spent on the huge Octavia.

    I mentioned in my First 5 Minutes how cleanly it seemed to drive. This has continued. I particularly like how the ride and body control have some sporting firmness but not too much: my old S line Audi A4 roused comments form passengers, but not this.

    The engine’s smoother than the old Audi too, although the steering doesn’t feel quite as surprisingly crisp as that car. Perhaps some time with the driver mood switch is required.

    Just as I’m a stickler for warming engines up before busy use, I’m also a running-in die-hard. So nothing too fruity until it’s done 1,000 miles. At this rate, that won’t take long: check back later this week…

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