Skoda Karoq Police

Skoda Karoq joins the emergency services

Skoda Karoq Police

Once upon a time, it was the Land Rover Defender that you’d see hammering around UK roads clad in the colours of our public services. Fire and rescue, the police, the ambulance service – you name it, the Defender was on duty. These days, however, rather less agricultural machines wearing Skoda badges are out on the beat, with the Karoq SUV as the latest addition.

Keen to highlight that service record, the marque notes it has a “heritage of supplying emergency service vehicles that stretches back more than 110 years”. Skoda also points out that, in spite of the Karoq’s unassuming appearance, it’s fully up to the job, with its reliability, luggage space and 4×4 ability making it the ideal machine for public service.

The Karoq’s agreeable dynamics and a strong engine lineup are sure to be of use when weaving through a technical traffic jam slalom, as will its existing array of electronic driver safety and assistance systems.

Skoda Police

“We have worked closely with emergency services teams over the years to ensure that we are providing vehicles that are practical and can be converted to their exact requirements” said Skoda. “These vehicles are in constant use by life-saving teams and an integral requirement of any vehicle is its reliability, which Skoda delivers time and time again. The Karoq fits the bill in every way with outstanding handling, space and practicality.”

It’s not an iconic farm-hack-turned-emergency-hero like the battlefield-ready Defender, but if the service record of its siblings is anything to go by, we’re in no doubt the Karoq is fit for purpose. We happen to think it looks pretty pukka in its service livery, too.

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