New Skoda tech spies on your kids when they borrow your car

Skoda geofencing tool for young drivers

Skoda has revealed new technology that lets you limit where your kids are allowed to drive.

The ‘geofencing’ function within the Skoda Connect infotainment system can also keep you updated about where young drivers are taking your car.

Skoda geofencing tool for young drivers

More than half of 17-24 year-olds rely on their parents’ cars after they’ve passed their test. Car sharing can be the best solution in financial terms, which is where the app comes in. It’s ‘ideal for when the parents are on holiday this summer and don’t want their offspring at home racking up the miles driving up and down the country,’ says Skoda.

The app will send phone notifications if the car steps outside of a ‘green area’ on the map. You can select regions on the map that are ‘green’ or ‘red’. The former is where drivers can go and the latter is where they can’t. 

Skoda reckons this spells the end of vague explanations like ‘just popping to the shops’ that previously might have resulted in unsanctioned joyrides…

Skoda Kamiq dials

Geofencing can be active on specific days and times, keeping at bay arguments about who gets the car and when.

Skoda Connect also allows you to keep an eye on fuel levels, driving data, whether the car is locked and its exact location when parked.

While the app itself is free via Apple AppStore and Google Play, the Skoda Connect online services package is an option.

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