Caterham Seven 360Caterham has chosen the prestigious Monterey Car Week to unveil two new models – the Seven 480 and Seven 360 – developed specifically for the US market.

Both cars are powered by the same 2.0-litre Ford Duratec engine, with the Seven 480 offering 240hp, enough to propel it to 62mph in a grin-inducing 3.4 seconds before going on to a dizzying 140mph top speed.

If that sounds a bit hardcore, the Seven 360 offers 182hp, increasing the 0-62mph time to 4.9 seconds and lowering the top speed to 130mph. Not that the Seven 360 sounds particularly slow.

Seven 480

Caterham Cars has officially been on sale in the USA since January 2014 via its distributor, Superperformance. Sevens are shipped to the USA in part-built form and sold as rolling chassis via Superperformance’s dealer network for customers to complete at home.

Thanks, in part, to the firm’s participation in Formula One, Caterham has seen tremendous growth in brand awareness around the world. Last year saw the British firm sell more vehicles to overseas buyers than any other year in the company’s history, with export sales representing 61% of all units sold.

Speaking about last year’s figures, David Ridley, chief commercial officer of Caterham Cars, said: “Caterham’s ethos – to deliver accessible fun – is well-known by the motoring public in the UK, but we are now applying that philosophy across Europe and beyond. Our on-going participation in Formula One is, in part, to thank for our growing global brand awareness.”

With the launch of these two new models, we can expect to see Caterham enjoying even stronger growth in the US.

Prices start at $44,900 (£27,000) for the Seven 360 and $52,900 (£31,000) for the Seven 480. Further details can be found on the Caterham US website.