SEAT Leon Cupra 280 Sub8 ‘Nurburgring’ pack to cost £1845

SEAT-Leon-Cupra-280SEAT is to charge £1845 for its new Nurburgring lap time-inspired Leon Cupra ‘Sub8 Performance Pack’, Motoring Research has discovered.

The optional performance pack is being launched to ensure its 7m 58.4s second-fastest front-drive car Nordschleife lap time is valid, and is being offered on both three-door and five-door Cupra 280 variants.

There are no changes to the powertrain, so the standard 280hp output is retained. Instead, the Sub8 pack focused on wheels, tyres and minor styling mods. It includes:

  • 370mm Brembo front brakes with four-piston calipers
  • New lightweight 19-inch alloys
  • Chunkier side skirts

The Sub8 pack also doesn’t include track-friendly Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tyres; these cost around £500 more than the standard Bridgestone Potenza tyres.

The big brake upgrade uses anchors from the Audi TT RS, and the brakes are 30mm bigger than standard. Although the standard Cupra already offers 19-inch alloys, the Sub8 Performance Pack introduces new rims because the standard wheels don’t clear the upgraded brakes. They’re also lighter to reduce unsprung mass.

The side skirts? Purely there to add a bit of on-road differentiation (and some kudos amongst SEAT enthusiasts).

SEAT revealed the lap time for its sub-8 minute Nurburgring Nordschleife run at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show this year, to great fanfare. The impact has since been dulled now that Renault has taken the record back, but SEAT’s counterpunch is value. The record-breaking Megane Renaultsport 275 Trophy-R costs £36,430; a SEAT Leon Cupra 280 SC Sub8 Performance Pack is yours from £29,055…