SEAT: 700,000 cars affected by VW emissions scandal


SEAT is the latest VW Group manufacturer to come clean about how many of its cars are affected by the #dieselgate scandal.

The manufacturer has said that 700,000 of its cars have been fitted with the software which will trick US emission tests.

It’s not clear how many of these vehicles have been sold in Europe – but it’s thought to be a large proportion.

SEAT’s owner, Volkswagen Group, says 11 million of its cars are affected. Broken down brand-by-brand they are:

Volkswagen: 5m
Audi: 2.1m
Skoda : 1.2m
SEAT: 700,000
Vans: 1.8m

The saga continues to be investigated, with CEO Martin Winterkorn having already resigned over the matter.

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