This seaside parking hack could save you money

Save money beach parking

Finding a decent parking space for a price that won’t ruin your day can often knock the wind out of the excitement of a trip to the beach. Parking proprietors often take advantage of their in-demand locations by increasing the price of a seaside stay.

Services like YourParkingSpace give local homeowners the opportunity to invite visitors to park at their property in exchange for a fee. Depending on where you’re going, the savings can range from 23 percent to 86 percent.

Great Yarmouth tops the list of seaside locations with extortionate car park prices, with traditional spaces costing around £22.60 a day. By contrast, a pre-booked space could cost around £3 – a potential saving of nearly £20.

Save money beach parking

Bournemouth, Brighton and Margate follow, with potential savings by using pre-booked spaces topping a respective £14, £10 and £5. Newquay is at the bottom of the list, although the savings are still enough for an ice cream, with £1.95 saved on pre-booked spaces versus traditional car parks.

“Parking at a seaside resort can be expensive for those using a traditional car park,” said Harrison Woods, managing director at

“However, significant seaside savings can be made by spending a few minutes online and booking a driveway or empty space instead, many of which are located closer, or just as close, to the beach.”

Save money beach parking

“The money saved by parking on a pre-booked driveway could be used for much more enjoyable things, like ice creams or some refreshing cold drinks.”

Of course, taking your beach trip savings to the next level would be not paying at all. Be sure to look around for places where you can park your car free of charge. Perhaps plan to go to quieter, more rural beach locations, for a greater chance of grabbing a bargain.

The amusements and ice creams might not be as close to hand, but that’s nothing a well-stocked coolbox can’t solve…