Scotland plans to lower drink-drive limit

Scotland to lower drink-drive limit for Christmas

Scotland plans to lower drink-drive limitThe Scottish government plans to introduce a new lower drink-drive limit in time for Christmas that will bring legal alcohol limits in line with most of Europe.

When it is approved by the Scottish Parliament on 5 December 2014, the new drink-drive law will cut the blood alcohol limit from 80mg to 50mg in 100ml of blood.

It would mean Scotland has a much lower drink-drive limit than the rest of the UK.

The move has been welcomed by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents – RoSPA – and its Scottish road safety manager Sandy Allan told BBC News the rest of the UK should now follow suit.

“There is a considerable body of research which shows that reducing drink drive limits is effective in reducing drink-drive deaths and injuries. We would like to see the rest of the UK follow Scotland’s example.”

The new drink-drive limits will be supported by a campaign that will encourage motorists to not drink at all before driving: estimates say one in 10 deaths on Scottish roads are caused by drivers over the legal limit.

Justice secretary Kenny MacAskill is the minister behind the new law, which a consultation found was supported by three in four people.

He told the BBC: “This new limit will bring Scotland into line with most of Europe and send a clear message to drivers who continue to ignore the warnings that there is never an excuse to drink and drive.

“No one should be drinking and driving and the new lower limit only reinforces what should already be the case with drivers taking full responsibility and not putting lives at risk.”

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