Knight Rider

Sam can make your Knight Rider dreams come true

Knight Rider

“Michael Knight: a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law.” Sam might not be a young loner, but he is on a crusade to make all of your Knight Rider dreams come true.

Well, some of them.

Sam, a 32-year-old IT professional from Newark, Delaware, has created a Kickstarter page subtitled ‘One man’s dream to build a Knight Rider Replica car to share with the world!’ Who wouldn’t want to get behind a project like this?

Hello… anyone there?

Come on, people of the world, where’s your enthusiasm for Sam’s dream? To-date, Sam’s hopes of becoming a Michael Knight for the new millennium has attracted no bidders and zero funding. We live in a world in which people are happy to spend £3 on a takeaway coffee, but won’t spare some loose change for a ‘good clean fun’ guy from Delaware.

In fairness, Sam hasn’t exactly been forthcoming about his plans to make this dream a reality. He does promise a photo of the car if you pledge a dollar, but just what he intends to do with the $10,000 pot hasn’t been established. As the incredibly tall man in Dragons’ Den might say: Sam, we’re gonna need a bit more info if you want our investment.

On the plus side, Sam does own a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, so at least the final KITT won’t be little more than a Chevy Nova with a scanning light perched on the hood. Our guess is the interior will require the most amount of investment, especially if he wants KITT to talk to him.

Knight Rider on Kickstarter

Having done a SWOT analysis, Sam is philosophical, saying: “The biggest risk I can see is getting the funding to complete this project. Maybe finding the vendors no longer carry the parts needed. Having my car, which I already own, totalled before the work can be completed.”

Stay out of trouble, Sam.

Sadly, despite Sam promising to share the KITT replica with the world, the offer to “bring the car to visit you; hang out and party with this Knight Rider replica at your party”, is not available to funders outside the United States. To paraphrase the tall man once again: Sam, we’re sorry, but we Brits are out.

Sam has been here before. Earlier this year, the plan to create a replica KARR – KITT’s prototype vehicle – ended with no backers and no money. Undeterred, Sam is returning for another bite of the cherry, this time with KITT – one of the best-loved TV cars in the world.

Let’s get behind Sam and his Knight Rider dreams. If you want to pledge a dollar or more, check out his Kickstarter page. The project must attract funding of at least $10,000 by 21 September 2016.

Soon, this could be Sam on the streets of Newark: