Is Saab going bust again? New owner facing bankruptcy say reports

Saab_9-3_Aero_Sedan_MY14-02After going bust several times over the years, production of Saab cars began again late in 2013, under the ownership of Hong Kong-based consortium New Electric Vehicle of Sweden, or Nevs. 

Now, it seems, Nevs itself is reportedly facing bankruptcy, after an unpaid supplier issued a winding up order this week through a Swedish court.

AP reports that Labo Test hasn’t been paid since February, and is owed $22,000. The firm appears to have had enough of waiting and has taken action to try and get its money.

At the time of writing, a spokesman from Nevs was unavailable for comment, but Motoring Research does know that production has, ominously, been halted since May, despite customer deliveries beginning again in April.

The ambitious plan was to start off building gasoline versions of the old 9-3, then roll out all-electric versions, and then bring the stillborn new 9-3 to market – the car based on Saab’s flexible in-house Phoenix architecture. A promising-sounding future, provided it could get over the initial challenges of restarting a former automotive giant. Right now, it seems Nevs may not have managed it.

More news as we get it but, once again, it seems the future is cloudy for Sweden’s ‘other’ premium car brand.

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