Saab 9-3: official images revealed


Saab is, against the odds, back – and the phoenix-like firm has revealed official images of its first revival car, the 9-3 Aero.

It is, of course, familiar: it’s a car virtually identical to the Saab 9-3 that stopped production back in June 2011. The key achievement here has not been rolling out a new car, but rolling out a car at all (restarting production involved partnerships with 400 suppliers, and involvement from 2400 companies globally).

A company called National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB, or Nevs, is the firm behind the Saab comeback (the business is called Saab Cars). The plan is to sell all-electric Saabs mainly in China (where much of the investment behind the firm comes from) and the first converted EV 9-3 will roll out as soon as spring 2014.

The petrol-engined 9-3 Aero that’s revealed this week is the car that gets the production ball rolling, though. Initially, it will be built at a rate of around 10 a week, with sales to Chinese customers and, via the Nevs website (in smaller numbers), Swedish buyers too.

As we speculated, the car produces 200hp and will be offered with either a manual or automatic. Prices in Sweden start from around £26,000 – not bad when you consider the BMW 328i starts at £29,400, or £32,400 in Aero-comparable M Sport guise. The Saab is, of course, a fair bit older…

Nevs says its aim is to become “a front runner in the automotive industry, with focus on electric vehicles, where China is our initial main market.

“The pace of change towards cars powered by fossil free fuels will increase and China currently has the most ambitious efforts for electrification of the vehicle fleet.”

What do you reckon – does the reborn Saab 9-3 Aero stand a chance… more importantly, are you hoping Nevs is able to roll out the Saab Phoenix platform and realise the potential so many insiders claim it has? Let us know…

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