Rumbled: Brit supercar convoy caught speeding by French police helicopter

A police helicopter chased a convoy of British supercars speeding through France after the Gendarmerie failed to keep up.

It’s reported that an off-duty officer spotted the Brits racing along the A63 motorway in south west France, close to the city of Biarritz.

He alerted his colleagues to the speeding convoy, who dispatched a helicopter to record evidence.

The group was met by police at the next toll booth, who are thought to have issued fines, despite the helicopter not being able to record the exact speed they were travelling at.

As a warning to motorists, the French police tweeted pictures of the convoy, which included a pair of Porsche 911 GT3s and a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera.

According to local media, the drivers were heading to Spain, although they have not been identified.

Around half a million Brits are caught by French speed cameras each year – but currently, police forces outside the UK are unable to trace drivers’ details to pass on fines.

They can, however, issue on-the-spot penalties, and an EU directive come in within the next few years will allow European police forces to access details through the DVLA.