Rowan Atkinson is selling his Mercedes 500E… AGAIN

Rowan Atkinson Mercedes 500E

We’ve Bean here before. An English auction house is offering a Mercedes formerly owned by Rowan Atkinson and we have to decide if we should go forth and write a news item.

The car in question is one of the original 29 UK-supplied Mercedes-Benz 500E models in left-hand drive, and was purchased new by Rowan Atkinson in 1991. He owned it for four years, documenting his stewardship in Car magazine, before selling it to the second owner, who kept it for 23 years.

It was clearly a car that Atkinson loved because he actually bought it back in July 2017. Well, you know what they say about buying your old car back – Never Say Never Again.

Rowan Atkinson Mercedes-Benz 500E

In January 2018, another 500E formerly owned by Rowan Atkinson went under the hammer at the Silverstone Auctions Race Retro sale. Thanks to its low mileage, the car fetched £71,300, while Atkinson’s old Lancia Thema sold for just shy of £30,000.

The 500E on offer at the Classic Car Auctions (CCA) sale in May is unlikely to reach the dizzy heights achieved by the other example, not least because it has covered 193,000 miles and is in need of “some tidying”.

Gary Dunne, CCA auction manager commented “We are delighted to be offering a car direct from Rowan Atkinson. It has such an unusual story in that he has owned it twice. We often have unusual stories and this one is one of those, especially for a celebrity to repurchase his car after such a long period”

“We generally do well with celebrity cars and this car is going to generate a lot of interest, not just because who owned it but also the rarity of the car.”

Rowan Atkinson Mercedes 500E interior

The fact that Rowan Atkinson is listed as the current owner gives it some real provenance. You never know, he may even decide to buy it back again. That would make it Black Adder The Third…

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