RHD Tesla Model S launched in UK

Tesla RHD Elon MuskA week after Motoring Research got its hands on the Tesla Model S electric car, CEO Elon Musk headed to London to finally introduce a right hand drive version – with 50 Shades of Grey author EL James being one of the first to drive away.

Currently there’s only one Tesla dealership in the UK – and it’s not really a dealership. The American manufacturer retails its futuristic cars with a suitably futuristic approach, so it sells its cars from small Apple-style stores in shopping centres. Currently its only UK store is in Westfield White City, but Tesla says it’ll be expanding across the UK in the coming months.

At the same time as launching the RHD Model S, Tesla is also introducing an iPhone app to the UK iTunes store. Owners will be able to use the app to check on the charging progress of their car, start and stop charging, and even heat up or cool down their Model S.

Tesla claims the Model S can cover 312 miles between charges, and drivers will be able to ‘top up’ at supercharging points across the country.

It’s early days for the UK’s network of superchargers, with the first UK location opening at London’s Royal Victoria Docks this weekend.

Tesla Elon Musk London

Speaking in London, Musk said: “Superchargers enable long distance travel but also, in a city where off street parking is rare and expensive, Model S customers will be able to access a network of Superchargers across London to charge, quickly and for free, at their convenience.

“We are looking at locations across the capital to place our first set of inner city Superchargers. Our plan for routes to other cities in the UK is still on target for the end of the year, but we are also announcing this new initiative in order to best serve our London-based customers.

“We expect customers to be able to travel the length of the UK and Ireland for free using our Superchargers within the next 18 months.”

By the end of the year, Tesla’s aim is to allow anyone to travel almost anywhere in Europe using superchargers.

Prices for the Tesla Model S in the UK start at £50,280, including the £5,000 government grant. Is it going to the car to transform our attitudes towards electric cars?

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