Revealed: the world’s favourite supercars

Revealed: the world’s favourite supercars

Revealed: the world’s favourite supercars

An incredible 1.79 billion of us logged into Facebook in the third quarter of 2016 – almost a quarter of the world’s population. While many of use the social network as a way of sharing cat pictures, it can also provide a fascinating insight into trends around the world.

Comparison website Go Compare has analysed these trends to reveal the most popular supercar manufacturers around the world.

10: Noble – 125,000

The company carrying out the research selected 10 supercar manufacturers and analysed which had the biggest audience on Facebook. Small-time British manufacturer Noble came in 10th place, with a reach of 125,000. Sure, it’s lagging behind the big boys but, curiously, they’re not all in the UK. More than 60% of Noble’s audience is in Germany.

9: Pagani – 850,000

9: Pagani - 850,000

Makers of the Zonda and Huayra, Italian firm Pagani is also a relatively small company. But its reach is a little greater than Noble’s, with a Facebook audience of 850,000 worldwide. Oddly, it’s most popular in New Zealand – where, incidentally, the highest concentration of supercar fanatics can be found.

8: McLaren – 1,250,000

Back to Britain, with the Woking manufacturer of the P1 having an audience of 1.25 million worldwide. Saudi Arabia claims 175,000 of those enthusiasts – more than anywhere else in the world. Blighty comes in 12th place for McLaren fans, behind Croatia, Qatar and Sweden.

7: Koenigsegg – 1,750,000

7: Koenigsegg - 1,750,000

With so much hype around McLaren here in the UK, it might be surprising to see that Koenigsegg has a greater reach on Facebook. The Swedish company produces supercars such as the One:1 and Regera, with most of its fans in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

6: Bugatti – 12,500,000

The numbers take a huge leap now, with the VW Group owned maker of the Chiron reaching an incredible 12.5 million fans worldwide. Oddly, Hungary is home to the largest amount of Bugatti fans, with Saudi Arabia and Switzerland close behind.

=4: Maserati – 12,500,000

=4: Maserati - 12,500,000

As you’ll soon see, Italian supercar manufacturers attract a huge following around the world. Maserati is particularly popular in the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia. It shares fourth place in the top 10 with a British carmaker, however…

=4: Aston Martin – 17,500,000

Yes, James Bond’s favourite Aston Martin is the fourth most popular supercar manufacturer around the world according to data from Facebook. 17.5 million of us interact with Aston – and it’s more popular than Ferrari in China, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Uganda and Ghana. Its number one country for fans is Turkey.

3: Lamborghini – 42,500,000

3: Lamborghini - 42,500,000

From the Countach pin-up of the 70s to the bonkers Sesto Elemento concept of 2010, Lamborghini knows how to make a headline-grabbing supercar. Naturally, it has a huge following in its native Italy, but Lamborghini actually has more fans in wealthy Saudi Arabia.

2: Porsche – 47,500,000

Looking at Porsche’s line-up today, it’s hard to believe the firm’s first model was based largely on the original Volkswagen Beetle. The sports car manufacturer behind the incredible 918 Spyder, Porsche has a huge following around the world, with an impressive reach of 47.5 million fans on Facebook. Unsurprisingly, it’s the most popular supercar maker in Germany, but it also takes top spot in the USA – where there are 3.8 million fans.

1: Ferrari – 55,000,000

1: Ferrari - 55,000,000

Unsurprisingly, the most popular supercar manufacturer worldwide amongst the Facebook generation is Ferrari. The prancing horse has an incredible reach of 55 million people, with the United Arab Emirates being home to more of its fans than Italy. It’s also the most popular supercar company here in the UK, where 1,275,000 of us are counted as ‘followers’ of the prancing horse.

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