Skoda CitiJet

Revealed: the Skoda drop-top created by students

Skoda CitiJet

Give students a Citigo and what do you get? A Citijet!

Skoda has revealed the car created by 16 apprentices – a two-door ‘sports convertible’ version of the Citigo city car called Citijet. 

16 students spent six months on the ‘Apprentice Car’ project, working with the firm’s design, production and development engineers to make it a reality.

The chop-top Citijet will now be displayed at the Worthersee GTI event.

A ‘new generation’ Skoda

The firm intentionally let the student apprentices’ imaginations run free, says the firm: the need to use the Citigo platform was a constraint but it doesn’t seem to have held them back too much.

Like it or loathe it, the Citijet concept is certainly distinctive. It has a blue/white paint split (reminds us of a Jacques Villeneuve F1 racer), open-top roof and a smart plunging-rearwards rake created by the windowline.

There’s also a hand-made rear spoiler.

Inside, it’s more conventional, albeit standout – and there’s a 300-watt stereo with music-reactive LED lighting dotted throughout the interior.

“Our apprentices have put their hearts and souls into this vehicle” said head of Skoda Auto Design Jozef Kabaň. “Every little detail, no matter how small, was discussed, agreed upon and put into practice by the team. It was a real team effort.

“The outcome: a unique and emotional car, of which everybody involved should be very proud of.”