Renault 2017 car dealer new look

Renault is giving its car dealers a facelift

Renault 2017 car dealer new lookRenault is refreshing its UK car dealer network with a new look that fully turns them from plain old car dealers into fancier Renault Stores.

The first new-look Renault dealer is the firm’s Evans Halshaw Edinburgh West retailer; over the next 18 months, the plan is to give its entire UK dealer network the bold new look.

Whereas previously, Renault dealers had all-white exteriors, the new ones wear a smart black woven metal design, to contrast them from Dacia dealer areas. Much more exterior lighting is being installed, to create custom-lit individual display areas, and the area directly outside the showroom also becomes an outdoor retail area.

There are even now dedicated car handover bays, which Renaults says will make the car buying process even more special. No more wondering where to park the car at the end of a test drive, either: Renault’s thought of that too, with a special test drive parking area. 

Renault’s already been working hard on the interiors of its car dealers, and the latest stage in the facelift programme will fully adopt the new ‘Renault Store’ philosophy.

Nick Tame, Groupe Renault UK sales director, said: “It’s great to see this continued investment in Renault from our franchise partners. The completion of the first dealership exterior in the new Renault Store concept signals the last phase of a series of changes Renault has undertaken over the last few years.”

Work is now underway in rolling out the facelifted Renault dealers nationwide; the firm predicts all the ‘Renault Store’ interior changes will be complete by the end of next year, and all its dealers will have the exterior refresh within the next 18 months.   

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