Renault Twingo for £99 a month


The Renault Twingo is 20 years old this year – yet the Twingo didn’t officially arrive into the UK until the launch of the mk2 in September 2007.

While it’s tempting to get all soppy about the original charming Twingo, what excites us more is some of the offers Renault’s offering on the current model.

For just £99 a month you can drive away in a brand new Twingo Dynamique 1.2.

OK, you’ll need a deposit of £3,471 – but Renault will then add £720 as a deposit contribution. Then, after 48 monthly payments of £99, you can either return the car or buy it for just £3,286.

In total you’ll be paying £11,757 – which, spread out over four years, becomes very affordable.

The offer comes as the second generation Twingo nears the end of its lifespan, with a new model expected next year – possibly with the engine mounted in the rear.

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