Renault Sandero R.S.

Renault Sandero R.S. 2.0 revealed in Buenos Aires

Renault Sandero R.S.A Renault-branded Dacia Sandero R.S. 2.0 developed especially for Latin America will go on sale in early 2016, the firm has revealed at the 2015 Buenos Aires Motor Show.

The new Renault Sandero R. S. 2.0 is the first RenaultSport model to be built outside Europe – but, adds the firm, will not be going on sale within Europe.

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It’s a car exclusively for Latin America – so a hot hatch Dacia Sandero does not loom on the horizon.

Pity: the 2.0-litre car produces 145hp and has sports-tuned suspension, steering and upgraded 280mm front brakes, plus a racier and more lenient setting for the ESC stability control system.

Significantly, it also has a six-speed manual gearbox, in contrast to the RenaultSport Cli0 200 Turbo’s six-speed paddleshift dual-clutch setup.

Visually, it gets a sports makeover similar to the RenaultSport Clio – complete with rear diffuser – and its 17-inch alloys wear Continental tyres. There’s ample red detailing inside, plus a flat-bottom R.S. steering wheel.

Quashing European Dacia fans’ hopes, Renault Americas Region commercial director Olivier Murguet said: “The new models that Renault is showing today herald a new era, in which products are designed and built in Latin America for Latin Americans.

“This is the case of the new Renault Sandero R.S. 2.0, which combines the fundamental components of pleasure and passion as seen by Renault Sport. It delivers an exciting driving experience and a sporty ambience.”

The Buenos Aires Motor Show opened today (19 June); more than half a million people are expected to visit.

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