Renault Twingo 2014

Renault reveals new rear-engined Twingo

Renault Twingo 2014Renault is hoping it’s third time lucky with the Twingo as it reveals an all-new one co-developed with Daimler.

The new Twingo replaces the disappointing second-generation car, a model that never captured the popular spirit of the innovative original… itself a car that was super in all respects apart from not being offered in right-hand drive guise.

This one is; it is also far more attractive than the outgoing model, thanks to pert, smart styling that’s infinitely better conceived. It looks compact, well formed and, with a proper wheel at each corner stance, suggests excellent space utilisation.

Renault Twingo 2014

This is part of the reason the engine’s been put at the back; because it helps improve the car’s front-end crash performance, this also means Renault can make better use of the space up front. Add in an ultra-tight turning circle and you’ve a modern car that seems made for the city. Again, just like that 1992 original.

Renault’s even promising interior room comparable with a supermini, rather than a city car. Now that will be impressive.

By the sounds of it, Renault is only initially offering the Twingo in four ‘pop’ colours: white, red, yellow and blue. The personalisation comes from the choice of graphics, roof colours and whether you select a fabric roof or not.

Renault Twingo 2014

It’s also only offering one bodystyle – but for the first time, this is a five-door rather than a three-door. Much more city-friendly. As for the design itself, it pleases us to read that Renault’s sought inspiration not only from the Twingo but also from the Renault 5. The rear end in particular is inspired by the Renault 5 GT Turbo, a comparison that delights us.

Renault Twingo 2014

For now, Renault isn’t telling us much more: we don’t yet know what the interior is like, for example, other than that “the design team drew inspiration from the model’s heritage to propose a colourful and cheerful cabin”.

The public reveal will be at the Geneva Motor Show 2014 on 4 March, when we’re sure full engine details will also be revealed.

Renault will have to tell us more then: if it doesn’t, we’ll simply have to trek over to the Smart stand and check out the new ForTwo – that Daimler collaboration will also see this basic platform create the new Smart city car as well. And if that doesn’t suggest the new Twingo is going to be as impressive as the current one is drearily mediocre, we don’t know what does.

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