MR LT Renault Clio in action

Renault Clio 1.5 dCi 86 eco2 long-term review test diary

MR LT Renault Clio in action

Update 2: 4 June 2014

Problems in paradise – has Sean fallen out of love with the Clio? 

Mileage: 3,800

Average MR MPG: 71.8

If you’ve seen any of my recent updates here on or over on MSN Cars, you’ll know of my love for the little blue baby – sorry, my Renault Clio long termer.

However, last week, the relationship soured slightly.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders in the UK holds an annual test day every year at Millbrook, where carmakers gather to let journos try their latest wares.

I was due to pick CJ up en route to Bedfordshire – however, when I fired the Clio up that morning and tried to punch in his postcode, I was met by a sat-nav system that was still asleep.


I eventually managed to get the address entered, but the map simply wouldn’t display – all I was left with was a scrolling wheel and a blank, red screen.

Now that’s not very helpful at the best of times, but when you’re late and are leading another car to your destination – at which there are delicious bacon sandwiches waiting for you – it’s a real pain.

We had to resort to a Google’s navigation app on CJ’s phone… and this after I’d been singing the praises of the Clio’s user-friendly, reliable multimedia interface to everyone and anyone who would listen.

After a full day parked up, I thought the problem might right itself. I was very much mistaken.

In the end I had to perform a full factory reset to get the big-screen map back, which meant losing saved data like radio station pre-sets, favourite destinations, and speed dial Bluetooth phone contacts. It didn’t take all that long to re-input this info, but it was just a touch annoying.

I’m sincerely hoping this is a small blip in what’s so far been a great pairing. With nearly 4,000 miles showing on the clock already, I’ve had no issues with the Renault and got to know it very closely indeed.

I’m hoping our partnership continues without any more hiccups.

Update 1: 3 June 2014

Sean sets a new personal fuel economy benchmark…

Mileage: 2,600

Latest MPG: 81.4

In a week since the Clio was delivered, I already managed to improve the frugal dCi 90 engine’s average fuel economy from just over 50 to more than 70mpg.

Despite those quite impressive numbers, I was pretty determined that I could at least break the 80mpg barrier and find another 10 miles for every gallon of diesel the little Clio sips. I am delighted to say I was right.


OK, I’ll get the excuses out of the way first – the 81.4mpg total I averaged was for one 180-mile journey between Chester and St Albans. That means mostly motorways and A-roads – some with 50mph average speed checks – so nice steady speeds and constant throttle applications. Conditions conducive to eco driving, then.

All the same, apart from the areas where it legally had to, my speed didn’t really drop below 70mph. I’d say I had one eye on being economical, but that I wasn’t really trying to hypermile.

Which makes it all the more impressive that I could get within 8% of Renault’s claims for the car.

To put it into perspective in terms we can all understand, it means at an average price of 135.9p per litre of diesel, that journey set me back me just £12.48.

To top it off, I’m getting easily around 650 miles per tank. Combined with free road tax, you really can’t complain about running costs like these.

I said I was well and truly in love with the Clio last time round – that’s most definitely still the case.

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