Renault Arkana show car

Renault Arkana SUV coupe revealed – but it’s NOT for us

Renault Arkana show carLike the idea of a value-priced four-door crossover coupe derived from the well-received new Dacia Duster? Well, you’re in luck, with the reveal of the new Renault Arkana show car at the Russia Motor Show… but only if you’re Russian.

Yes, Renault’s debuting a stylish new crossover coupe, but then denying it to Europe. Rather, this is a treat to Russians, who buy enough Groupe Renault vehicles to make it the firm’s second-largest global market. 

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Revealing the Arkana is part of Renault’s plans to make Russia number 1. 

Renault Arkana show car

So what is the Renault Arkana? A saloon crossed with an SUV; it’s a car “for sedan lovers who have SUV aspirations,” says Renault. The ride height is raised, the lower body is tough and chunky 19-inch alloys are standard. 

Higher up, says Renault SVP of design Lauren Van Den Ackers, “we have dialled in specific Renault cues, with a strong design, strength and sensuality with a French twist”. 

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Befitting of its status as Renault’s new range-topper in Russia, the Arkana has liberal use of chrome, full LED headlights and a panoramic glass roof. 

Renault Arkana show car

It’s also getting a brand new engine for the Russian market, although the firm isn’t yet ready to tell us what that is. It is, however, happy to confirm the Arkana comes with all-wheel drive, for Russia’s “harsh driving and weather conditions”. 

Apparently, the idea for the Arkana came from Renault Russia, and the team there played a close role in designing it at the firm’s French HQ. But then, as Groupe Renault claims almost a 30 percent market share in Russia, they do pack a bit of clout…

A UK spokesman has already ruled out Arkana for the UK and added “there are no plans to sell it in Europe”. There are, however, plans to take it global, first with Asia, where Renault will adapt this show car and also locally assemble it.

Renault Arkana show car

Which, crossover coupe fans, suggests there could still be hope. If you’re really set on saving a fortune on a BMW X6 and buying an Arkana instead, get lobbying your local Renault dealer


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