Range Rover RS600 teased by A. Kahn


A. Kahn Design – formerly Project Kahn – has teased its latest makeover for the new Range Rover.

The new Range Rover RS600 by A. Kahn Design will launch later this year and will consist of an extensive set of styling features that give Afzal Kahn’s interpretation of Gerry McGovern’s award-winning design.

This ‘stage one’ kit comprises a wide wheelarch kit, with complementary front and rear spoilers, with a set of suitably large-diameter Kahn RS600 wheels to complement it.

There’s also a Kahn front grille, which’ll slot straight into the space left by the original one, and can be fully painted if so desired (with four paintable areas offering plenty of variability).

It’s not the only tease Kahn has revealed, either. There’ll be a second Range Rover package released in 2014, too – the so-called Black Label Edition. This’ll undoubtedly take things further and may even include some engine and suspension enhancements from the ambitious Bradford styling house.

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