Range Rover restoration by eBay at Silverstone Classic

Range Rover restored in 3 days with parts from eBay

Range Rover restoration by eBay at Silverstone ClassicA grotty 1983 Range Rover was transformed into a good-as-new modern classic in just three days by vehicle restorer Fergus Walkinshaw during the 2016 Silverstone Classic weekend.

The challenge was set by eBay – and to help out, the online marketplace supplied all the restoration components bought from its own users.

Carried out on the eBay Restoration Live stage in front of Silverstone Classic visitors, the break-neck restoration included replacing the suspension and exhaust system, and sourcing rare parts such as the front bumper trim.

eBay even found the rare section of carpet covering the spare wheel; in all, more than 100 parts were sourced from eBay, from 80 business sellers.

TV’s Mike Brewer drove the car onto the stage for the final restoration reveal on Sunday afternoon. “If you had seen this car three days ago, you would not have believed it could have looked like this,” he said.

eBay won’t be getting to keep the Range Rover as reward for its mechanics’ hard work, either – as the vehicle’s owner was on stage during the presentation to take back the keys for their fully restored car. Lucky person…

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