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RAC urges George Osborne to cut costs for motorists

RAC urges George Osborne to cut costs for motorists

Tomorrow, George Osborne will announce his autumn statement – and the RAC is calling for him to stop penalising motorists through taxes.

The organisation says that UK motorists paid £40 billion in taxes last year, and has suggested that cutting costs for drivers could help the economy.

A key area in which the chancellor could do this, says the RAC, is fuel duty. In a statement, the organisation said: “Research conducted for the RAC Report on Motoring shows motorists are realistic and whilst a minority (32%) are calling for further cuts in fuel duty,a far higher percentage (46%) recognize that this is unlikely in the current economic climate and support an ongoing freeze in duty.

“The Treasury’s own modelling has confirmed the link between the cost of fuel and economic growth. The freezing of fuel duty has contributed to the UK’s economic growth in recent years. The RAC believes that it would be beneficial to the economy, as well as popular with motorists if the Chancellor extended the freeze on duty for the remainder of this Parliament.”

As well as a freeze in fuel duty, the RAC is calling on Osborne to protect the £15.2 billion budget previously set aside for investment in roads – and to ring fence more money for the repair of local roads.

The RAC added: “Around 85% of all journeys begin on local roads and the state of local roads is seen as the top issue for motorists, with Research for the 2015 Report on Motoring showing that the condition of local roads is the top concern for motorists with 10% ranking it number one and a further 20% listing it as a top-four concern. Our message is that local roads are just as important as the strategic road network and new long-term funding mechanisms should be considered.”

The organisation is also urging the chancellor to extend the £5,000 plug-in car grant, which is currently due to end in February 2016.

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