R.S. Performance Parts Renault Sport Clio

Renault Sport is taking one last crack at spicing up the current Clio RS with a new selection of parts and accessories.

‘Enthusiasts can now enjoy everything the world of Renault Sport has to offer, down to the very last detail’ says the official blurb. And judging by what’s on offer, they’re not wrong.

On the outside, a bodykit and Speedline Corse Turini wheels ape the RS 16 Concept we so wish Renault had built. The kit includes wide wheelarches, the Clio Cup racer’s rear wing and a carbon fibre bonnet. The body kit is limited to just 250 examples.

Inside and underneath, you’ll find serious, harness-ready carbon fibre bucket seats, an aggressive exhaust, plus performance brakes and suspension.

The car is capped off with livery in the style of Renault’s current racing design. The third-generation Megane RS engine and manual gearbox have sadly been omitted from this RS 16-inspired concoction, however.

R.S. Performance Parts Renault Sport Clio

Where Renault Sport really sets itself apart as a performance parts proprietor is beyond the car itself. There is a range of workshop products on offer, including jacks, a torque wrench and even a spray gun. Renault is obviously aware that owners often work on their cars, if not always by choice…

This is all something of a last hurrah for the Clio RS, given the fourth generation hot hatch didn’t have the warmest reception. While the kit may not be transformative, it’s a reassurance to fans that Renault Sport still means business.

A similar kit may soon be available for the recent third-generation Renault Sport Megane, too. Here’s hoping.

R.S. Performance Parts Renault Sport Clio

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