Honda FCV

Production-ready Honda FCV fuel cell car to debut at Tokyo Motor Show

Honda FCVHonda will showcase a production-ready hydrogen fuel cell car at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show ahead of customer sales beginning in 2016.

The production-intent version of Honda’s earlier FCEV Concept and FCV Concepts, the firm admits the FCV name is still a ‘tentative’ one.

But, given how it already has the FCX Clarity – the world’s first bespoke hydrogen fuel cell car – we think FCV fits in pretty well.

Cleverly, Honda has packaged the fuel cell kit into the space normally occupied by the engine and gearbox, which means the cabin is a full five-seater.

The Japanese-spec car to be shown at Tokyo can also act as a mobile powerplant: it can both generate and provide electricity to communities if there’s a power cut.

Car as power generator? That surely is a world first.

As for the driving range, Honda is quoting around 435 miles, although this is the Japanese cycle (ssh! Nobody mention fuel economy cycles! -Ed): we’ll wait to find out how far it goes between hydrogen refills in European driving.

Speaking of Europeans, Honda will also be debuting the Civic Type R at the Tokyo Motor Show – proudly built at its UK manufacturing facility in Swindon then exported to Japan…