Prices from £13,995 for new 2014 Ford Focus

Ford has announced it will freeze prizes for the entry-level version of its new 2014 Focus family hatchback at £13,995 when the car goes on sale later this year.

On top of that, the Blue Oval has also reduced the price of the top two Titanium and Titanium X trim levels by £100 each owing to increased customer demand for “technology and luxury”.

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Above the entry-level Studio model sit the £16,795 Style, £18,295 Zetec and £20,045 Zetec S variants, priced at £395, £895 and £400 more than the models they will replace respectively.

However, it’s not as clear-cut as that, as the new Focus brings with it many more customer benefits.

For example, a similar range of petrol and diesel engines will be offered with a – ahem – focus on fuel economy.

Ford’s 120hp 1.5-litre turbodiesel is now 10% more efficient, with CO2 emissions reduced from 109g/km to 98g/km, making this power unit road tax free.

The Blue Oval’s turbocharged 1.5 petrol unit delivers 182hp – the same as the 1.6-litre motor it replaces – and delivers a 7% fuel saving. Carbon emissions are cut to 127g/km CO2.

Overall, the revised diesel range – priced from £17,995 – reduces fuel consumption by 10% compared to the current Focus, while the petrol models are more frugal, too, offering between a 4% and 7% improvement.

It’s not just the Focus’ environmentally friendly credentials Ford has improved with the new 2014 car, either. The American manufacturer has also stuffed its latest family hatch full of technology.

Depending on spec, the 2014 Focus gets Ford’s Perpendicular Parking system, “an additional hands-free parking technology designed to help drivers reverse into spaces alongside other vehicles.” This on top of the current car’s auto parallel park feature.

The new sensors utilised for perpendicular parking have been employed for the new Cross Traffic Alert feature, warning drivers reversing out of a space of cars passing behind them, and “Park-Out Assist”.

This works in reverse to the parallel parking function and will automatically operate the steering to extract the car from its kerbside slot.

The current Focus’ safety systems – including low speed autonomous braking and collision avoidance, traffic sign recognition and blind spot warning – all remain.

Ford’s latest SYNC2 in-car connectivity system will also make its debut in the new Focus, featuring an 8.0-inch colour touchscreen with voice control.

Ford of Britain chairman and managing director, Mark Ovenden:

“The Ford Focus is the UK’s favourite family car, so the launch of the new model is an exciting time.

“With unmatched levels of technology and impressive fuel economy, combined with Ford’s traditional driving dynamics and competitive pricing, we believe that the new car will not only delight our existing customers but also expand the appeal of the Focus brand.”

The UK’s second-best selling car looks set to cement its position when it goes on sale later this year.

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