Priceless Jaguar and Mercedes crash at Goodwood

Two historic racers collide in dramatic fashion. The drivers are fine – the cars, less so…

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  1. Martin WINLOW
    Martin WINLOW says:

    Well, look on the bright side… at least these incidents keep those wonderfully talented panel beaters (and their apprentices) in gainful employment!

    • Peter Lewis
      Peter Lewis says:

      I couldn’t agree more.
      These are racing cars, and as their name signify
      They were built to race, not stand motionless in a museum.

  2. Peter Lewis
    Peter Lewis says:

    I can remember a few years ago at Goodwood, somebody damaging their rather expensive Ferrari 250GTO in the classics race.

    The owners of such vehicles do not really have to worry, when one can afford vehicles costing eight digit figures, whats a few hundred thousand pounds for repair bills.


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