Pre-booked parking can save 132 tonnes of CO2 per year

pre-booked parking

New research has revealed the potential CO2 savings motorists could make by using pre-booked parking services rather than embarking on the usual car park mooch for a suitable bay.

As much as 132 tonnes of CO2 were saved by the customers of That’s an amount equivalent to burning 53 tonnes of coal.

In addition to the CO2 savings, as much as 46,000 grams of nitrogen oxides (read, the dieselgate McGuffin) was saved by those who made a beeline for pre-booked spots. Both CO2 and NOx can be extremely harmful to both our health and the environment.

Such savings are a major advance and a great plus in the argument for pre-booked parking.

‘Circling the block’

“Changing attitudes towards how motorists drive and park can help put an end to the environmentally damaging practice of circling the block in the hope of finding an available parking space,” said Harrison Woods, managing director at

“Our research is a stark reminder of how much air pollution can be avoided – some 132 tonnes of carbon dioxide in one year alone by customers – simply by driving straight to a pre-booked parking space.”

“As well as having an environmental advantage, parking in a pre-booked space also has a positive financial impact for local homeowners who provide many of these spaces, while providing cheaper parking for needy motorists.”

pre-booked parking CO2

The service has something for those who have already ditched smoggy internal combustion, too. It’s teaming up with to make parking spaces with charging facilities available to pre-book.

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