Porsche 991 911 GT3

Porsche tells 991 911 GT3 owners to park up

Porsche 991 911 GT3Porsche has contacted all 785 current owners of the 991 911 GT3 recommending they stop using their cars.

The move comes after two cars in Europe suffered engine damage and, subsequently, caught fire. “Safety is a number one priority at Porsche, and the company takes its responsibility seriously,” said the firm in a statement.

It is thus contacting all owners directly and “recommending” that they stop using their vehicles. The firm will offer to pick up their 911 GT3s “and take them to a Porsche Centre immediately”.

It’s two widely reported GT3 fires that have led Porsche to inspect all 785 GT3s worldwide. “Internal studies to determine the cause of the engine damage have not been completed yet.”

Porsche has promised it will reveal any new findings “immediately”; MR will thus keep you posted.

CJ here has, of course, driven the new 991 911 GT3 extensively on the global launch for MSN Cars, and declared it a “triumph”. Here’s thus hoping the firm quickly finds a solution to the issue…