Porsche 991 911 GT3

Porsche to replace ALL 991 911 GT3 engines

Porsche 991 911 GT3Porsche has announced it will replace all 785 991 911 GT3 engines it has delivered to date after engineers solved the problem that led to two well-publicised vehicle fires.

A spokesman has confirmed to Motoring Research that GT3 customers were contacted yesterday (17 March) and advised that the firm has completed its investigations and will now arrange to replace the problematic motor in their cars.

The fault centres on a loosened piston rod screw connection; the failure of this part damaged the crankcase in the affected cars.

Porsche will now embark on the replacement programme and communicate directly with customers to arrange delivery of cars to dealers (the firm has upheld its previous recommendation for owners not to drive the cars).

Our contact confirmed that, of the 785 911 GT3 currently delivered to customers globally, around 100 reside in the UK. These owners will be kept fully up to date through a series of email and written letter communications, he added.

He also confirmed that the engine replacement programme will extend to cars that haven’t yet been delivered to customers.

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