Magnitude Finance's Tim Marlow

Porsche Macan – the car that MAKES you money

Magnitude Finance's Tim MarlowA Porsche Macan bought two years ago for £43,300 is now worth more than £55,000 – that’s a 25% return on investment for the pleasure of driving a Porsche.

The figures have been revealed by specialist car finance firm Magnitude Finance, which has already funded £1 million worth of Macans with owners keen to be the first to drive them in the UK.

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Some were so impressed with the car, they immediately ordered another one – meaning the 25% return on investment will be doubled to potentially £25,000 or more…

Head of sales at Magnitude Finance, Tim Marlow, said the situation is all down to brilliant timing on Porsche’s part. “Its biggest competitor was the Range Rover Evoque but that was three years old when the Macan was released, so people were keen for a change.

“Those who financed the car are now in an enviable position having benefited from historically low interest rates of 0.5% and significant appreciation.”

Because owners now have significant equity in their Macan, “the appreciation means, in effect, they’ve had two years of not just free but profitable motoring.

“For a car valued at just under £44,000 when new, that is an incredible scenario for owners – such appreciation is usually the preserve of supercars that people think will be future classics.”

And what are owners doing now with all the money they’ve made from their Macan? Well, many of them are not simply cashing it in, but making it work smartly for them: before supply begins to meet demand, they’re using the positive equity for cars at a higher price point than they’d previously been able to afford – in effect, it’s giving them a free upgrade.

From Macan to Cayenne, for free. How the other half lives, huh?

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