Porsche Motoroil 20W-50

Porsche launches classic oil range for classic air-cooled cars

Porsche Motoroil 20W-50Porsche Classic has launched a new range of engine oil specifically for its classic air-cooled flat-four and flat-six engines.

The new Porsche Classic Motoroil has been created in collaboration with the Porsche Development Centre in Weissach and has been uniquely blended for both 356 and air-cooled 911 models.

There are two blends of Porsche Classic Motoroil:

  • 20W-50 – for all 356, 914 and 911 models up to the 2.7-litre G-Model
  • 10W-60 – for all flat-six 3.0-litre engines up to the 993 911

The oils are focused on air-cooled engines: these, reveals Porsche, create unique demands on engine oil. Ready for an air-cooled Porsche engine oil geek-out?

  • The thermal load is higher than water-cooled motors, so the oil works harder to keep the engine cool
  • Because there’s a greater oil capacity, it has a longer heating time, thus requiring unique cold running behaviour
  • High power outputs per litre creates high compression and high pressures which, along with characteristically different temperature zones of air-cooled engines, “means that the oil needs a high ‘hidden’ performance reserve”
  • Engines are compact and lightweight, with short conrods in relation to piston stroke – creating high lateral piston forces which places high demands on the lubricating film stability of the oil

Both blends of engine oil have been balanced to be “as advanced as possible and as traditional as necessary”. Both have also been tested both in extensive lab trials and also in practical tests.

Why has Porsche developed a classic engine oil range?

Porsche Motoroil 10W-60

Porsche has developed the oils because, it says, while modern oils are technically better, they’re not necessarily ideal for air-cooled engines. For example, a 0W-30 oil is great for low engine resistance and cold-start behaviour in modern engines – but in a 356, it can lead to leaks and greater oil consumption due to higher production tolerances and lower operating oil pressure.

Modern oil detergents can also be too much for classic engines – “it is important that the deposits which have built up over decades are not suddenly dissolved and that seals are not corroded” says Porsche.

The fact classic cars are often parked up for long periods of time, then moved intermittently and used for short trips, has also been considered: the oils have been designed to compact both condensation buildup and ‘acidification’ of the oil fill that can be caused by aggressive combustion residues. Features include a high alkaline reserve which neutralises this.

Oil made by Porsche for classic Porsches? We’d say it’s going to be an almost certain best-seller – and that’s before you even consider how cool the cans are…

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