Porsche Macan

Porsche to dealers: please don’t use live tigers

Porsche Macan

Dealers’ tiger plans tanked by Porsche US HQ

Porsche US dealers have been requested not to use live tigers in promotional events for the Macan SUV, following complaints by animal rights activists.

The mandate came after one dealer used tiger cubs during a Macan launch event last week, reports Automotive News.

Several other dealers were reportedly planning to use live tigers to help promote the Macan – a car named the Indonesian word for tiger.

“Porsche does not condone in any way the use of live animals for advertising,” Porsche communications manager Nick Twork told the industry publication.

However, the response by Big Cat Rescue, which originally objected to Porsche dealers’ use of live tigers, suggests the interjection by Porsche has been successful: “We praised them an even encouraged [our supporters] to go buy a Porsche,” said Susan Bass, director of public relations at Big Cat Rescue.

Motoring Research is not aware of any UK Porsche dealers using live tigers to help launch the Macan.