How to turn your old Porsche Boxster into a new 911 Turbo


An early Porsche Boxster is the most affordable way to step onto the ladder of Porsche ownership. Use it to climb the rungs and, who knows, one day that dream Porsche 911 Turbo could be yours.

But what about if there was a way to get on the ladder and jump straight to the top in one move? Thanks to an enterprising company, dreamers now don’t only have to dream. Meet the A Nu Dimension Boxster GTB.

‘A Nu Dimension’ (AND) claims to provide what it calls “the only GT Boxster conversion kit”. The finished product obviously resembles a 911 but AND insists it’s not a replica. The objective is to “improve the look of older Porsche models, creating an up-to-date looking model”.


The best part is that this near-complete transformation of a Boxster into a 991 911 can take place on your driveway. This is, in a sense, a kit car, with AND priding itself on the ease of application.

“The GTB kit is designed for the home builder with [a] simple straightforward process to enable the individual to build the car at home with a basic set of tools.”

Kits range from £5,300 (minus the donor car: prices start on Auto Trader from around £3,500) and they’ll fit 2.5, 2.7 and 3.2-litre first- and second-generation Boxsters.

You can also buy a fully built car for £20,000. Although at that price, we’d recommend your first Porsche ought to be a 997 911 instead.

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