Porsche 919 tribute

Porsche 919 duo take farewell drive through the German countryside

Porsche 919 tribute

The Porsche 919 Hybrid Tribute Tour has come to an end with the committal of the 2017 Le Mans winner and the magnificent 919 Evo to the Porsche Museum. How did they get them there? They drove them, of course…

All too often, magnificent racers throughout the course of history have had their 15 minutes of fame, only to be scrapped, dumped or covered up once their term of service was done. We’ve heard tales of 917s being valued in the hundreds of euros in the late ‘70s, due to a chorus of complaints that they were taking up workshop space…

Not so today, as Porsche’s 919 tribute tour has proven. First, an outright lap record at Spa in the incredible 919 Evo. Then, among other things, an outright Nürburgring Nordschleife lap record that definitely isn’t being beaten any time soon.

It’s been an emotional six months, both for race fans and for those in the now defunct three-time Le Mans-winning Porsche LMP1 program. Nevertheless, a worthy goodbye to what will go down in history as yet another legendary and marque-defining racing car from Porsche.

Of course, any other manufacturer might have had these cars quietly trailered across to the museum in Stuttgart, from the Weissach development centre.

Porsche, in its inimitable style, had them driven, by Mark Webber and Marc Lieb. Porsche does this fish out of water stuff so well and it’s just such incredible imagery to see 2000hp’s worth of fire-breathing racers trundling through rural and suburban Germany.

We assume no speed records were broken during this final run…

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