BMW M5 30 years POLL

POLL: What is your favourite BMW M5?

BMW M5 30 years POLLThe BMW M5 is 30 in 2014 and to celebrate, BMW is building a limited edition model with 600hp – the M5 30 jahre.

It’s the latest in a line that dates back to 1984, when some wise-thinking engineers decided to put the BMW M1 supercar engine into the cooking M535i. And add in a few extra horsepower along the way.

Result? A 286hp supersaloon that wowed from day one and has been doing so ever since.

There have been five generations of BMW M5 in that time, and each has distinct strengths that make them special. BMW hasn’t even stuck to one engine layout, moving from straight-sixes, to a V8, to a V10, and now back to a V8 with a couple of turbos bolted on.

But while we all agree the M5 family is fantastic, can we agree on which is the best of them all? Over to you for a quick vote, then: which is your favourite M5 from the past 30 years?