Polizei Porsche 928 S2

Woop-woop! That’s the sound of a ‘Polizei’ Porsche

Polizei Porsche 928 S2

Its pre-auction estimate is roughly the same as a new Dacia Sandero, but it has as much presence as a six-figure supercar. Make no mistake, this Porsche 928 ‘Polizei homage’ will get you noticed.

It’s one of 149 classics heading to auction this weekend for CCA’s penultimate sale of the year, and it’s perfect if you fancy some German-style Hot Fuzz action. Its iconic green and white livery makes for an arresting spectacle.

The 1984 Porsche 928 S2 was declared a Category C insurance write-off in 1999, presenting the perfect platform for Fraser Pemberton to promote his business specialising in Porsche 928 sales.

CCA describes the car as “Not a Concours 928,” but goes on to say that it “attracts lots of attention and generates lots of smiles”. It also claims that it’s one of the most photographed 928s in the world.

Yeah, a green and white livery, flashing lights and a ‘POL 17S’ private plate will certainly turn heads. The car also comes with a PA system, German police uniforms and hats – perfect for an evening out playing cops and robbers.

The 928 – which was voted Car of the Year 2017 by readers of Ultimate Porsche magazine –  is unlikely to win any prizes for authenticity, originality or provenance. But there’s enough seriousness in the classic car world – fun things are a welcome breath of fresh air.

Caught by the Fuzz

Porsche 928 S2 Polizei

It might require some work before its next MOT in May 2019. The odometer reads 157,151 miles but doesn’t appear to have changed since November 2010. You’ll also need to attend to the “slight corrosion” and oil leak.

A Dacia Sandero might be a more sensible destination for your £5k budget. Heck, a £5k Porsche Boxster might be less risky. But, right now, this is one of the most intriguing cars in the CCA sale.

If the idea of a rozzers-inspired 928 floats your boat, take the thin blue line to the Warwickshire Event Centre on Saturday 15 September. The pre-auction estimate should leave you with a bill of £5,000 to £7,000, which sounds like a fair cop.

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