New Polestar R&D centre planned for Coventry, despite Brexit fears

Polestar Coventry

Polestar, the electric performance sub-brand owned by Volvo, is opening a new research and development centre in Coventry.

The company will take on 60 specially-skilled engineers to work on development of future products, beyond the Polestar 3 electric SUV.

For reference, we’ve just had our first look at the Polestar 2 (see below), the Tesla Model 3-rivalling electric crossover. Polestar’s breakout model, the 1 super coupe, isn’t even on sale yet, although prototype testing is ongoing.

Polestar 2

The burgeoning marque is evidently playing the long game, investing in UK talent and expertise. Indeed, the area is described as ‘one of the world’s most prominent automotive engineering environments’.

According to Polestar’s head of R&D, Hans Pehrson, the requirement to develop “skills in low-volume, light-weight, multi-material performance car engineering” is what the new base will focus on. It will “allow us to take the next steps towards our future cars”.

Coventry workforce will expand in 2019

Polestar Coventry

Many of the team won’t be new hires, though. Some have ‘already been involved in preliminary development work for Polestar’. Their full-time employment in Coventry will allow them to ‘now be fully immersed into future Polestar car projects as part of the global Polestar engineering network’.

“The team that will kick start the new UK research and development subsidiary is already well-versed in Polestar engineering philosophy, and we will expand the initial team further during the course of 2019,” said Polestar head of research and development, Hans Pehrson.

“These engineers will be a great complement to our existing R&D team based in Sweden, and other supporting teams around the world.”

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