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Peugeot: 308 Car of the Year award ‘will add legitimacy to brand'

Car-of-the-YearA Peugeot UK executive believes winning the 2014 Car of the Year award with the 308 will help bring legitimacy back to the brand for car buyers.

PR director Andrew Didlick told MR the full extent of benefits that will come from the welcome surprise of winning the award are not yet clear. “But we do believe it may help add legitimacy to existing owners of 307 and 308 who may be looking for a reason to change into a new car.”

Didlick also believes the prize will help reinforce the car’s talents against talented competition such as the latest Volkswagen Golf and new Ford Focus. “We hope it will bring people to the brand – being able to use the logo says something.”

As Car of the Year award winners, Peugeot is allowed to use the COTY logo on advertising, in brochures, on billboard and TV ads, and Didlick believes the subconscious validation of this will help the Peugeot brand overall too.

He admits, however, that the quantifiable benefits of winning the Car of the Year award are not yet known.

“We look forward to finding out as the year progresses.”

Peugeot: ‘Youngest range ever’

The PR exec also revealed another surprise fact: by this summer, with new model introductions and range facelifts, the 208 will actually be the oldest car in Peugeot’s portfolio – despite being just a few years old.

“Our average range age will be three years by this summer. We’ve never had such a young model range and believe it may well be one of the freshest car line-ups in Europe.”

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