Peugeot 208 textured paint 2015

Peugeot 208 in textured paint finish first

Peugeot 208 textured paint 2015For those who’ve spent weeks seeking the perfect smooth paint finish on a classic car restoration, look away now: Peugeot’s become the first car manufacturer to launch a textured paint finish.

Offered on the new 208, it’s described as a matt finish that’s “subtly granular to the touch”; it sounds a bit like a car that’s been given the Hammerite look.

It is “more hard-wearing and easier to care for than conventional matt paint, says Peugeot. “It offers exceptional resistance to micro-scratching and doesn’t suffer through frequent car washing.”

If you’re still not convinced, Peugeot assures us it has the same long warranty as other paint finishes because it’s applied by paint production robots at the Poissy manufacturing plant, rather than being separately hand-painted.

So no, it hasn’t been brush-painted.

Peugeot 208 textured paint 2015

This world first is the result of a four-year development project, apparently; the bottom layers are actually the same as regular metallic paint – it’s the composition of the top clearcoat lacquer, and the way it’s applied, that’s different.

Into the paint mix, Peugeot’s added fine silica particles (to give the matt appearance and granularity) and “micro-balloons of polyamide” (which create the unique finish).

Offered in two colours – Ice Grey and Ice Silver – the new textured paint finish costs the same as regular pearlescent paint (£645) and will be available when the facelifted 208 range arrives in the UK from June 2015.

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