Peter drives the Corvette C7 Stingray

Corvette C7 Stingray 9I wasn’t expecting too much. My experience of the previous C6 was based entirely on a media launch at and around the Circuit Ascari, near Rhonda in Spain.

There the Corvette thundered its way around the track in a scary but entertaining way. But otherwise it seemed like a bit of a cheap trick.

The C7 is light years ahead. Brilliant red with black highlights, it looks ominous in a meaningful, not crass manner. It turns heads, this Corvette, for the right reasons. The interior is true supercar, with great use of leather and a mature, solid feel that previous Corvette owners never experienced. Even though our car was, shall we say, a bit bright, this Stingray managed to carry it off.

I had no idea about the power or the engine capacity after I stepped in, so I buzzed the office. 466hp just nudges supercar territory these days. Hmmm. Forget that, though. Press the start button and the sound is awesome – a real blast of Americana. And 6.2 litre means this pushrod V8 musters close to 500 lb ft of torque which means the horsepower figure is almost an addendum. Just press the throttle and lunge forward.

This Corvette is a truly thrilling sports car, no less so than a whole host of Ferraris and Aston Martins.  It rides well, handles far better than you are ever likely to discover short of a race track and incorporates a level of technology that equals the best European rivals. The drive mode selector between the seats sets you up for five differing conditions from racetrack to wet weather. There’s Magnetic Ride Control and the chassis is an engineered aluminium frame. My only criticism is that the electric power steering is too light.

And the Corvette costs, loaded with extras, a mere £69k. I loved this Stingray. It certainly gets my vote as Performance Car of the Year in the World Car Awards.

Corvette C7 Stingray 12

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