Could parking fines be a thing of the past?

parking2Parking fines and scratching around for loose change could be a thing of the past, an industry expert has claimed.

New technology using ANPR cameras could be used to benefit drivers rather than issuing penalties, according to Park with Ease co-founder and director Jonathan Flatman.

He said: “If the parking industry continues with a heavy-handed approach to car park management, with fines for even minor indiscretions, it will always create a negative impression in consumers’ minds.”

Park with Ease’s new system monitors when cars enter and leave car parks, issuing their drivers with a bill once a month.

It means pay and display parking will become fully automated, with people not having to worry about having the right amount of change or having to hurry back to their cars to avoid getting a fine.

Schemes that allow drivers to pay via their phone to negate these issues are now widespread, but this fully automated system should make paying for parking even easier.

Park with Ease has already been trialled in the Lake District, where apparently it has gone down well.

Lake District National Park car parking operations manager Dave Coxon said: “Having used the Park with Ease system for two years we have seen parking fines go down and visitor numbers go up. Motorists are much happier to pay for what they have used afterwards, rather than fighting a fine for being 15 minutes late.”

The scheme also breaks the time stayed in a car park into 20 minute intervals – meaning you won’t be charged for another hour should you stay five minutes later than planned.

Flatman added: “In an ideal world parking would be much easier for everyone, with motorists being charged via monthly instalments for whatever parking they have used.

“I envisage the process to using ANPR and registration databases will not happen overnight, but it can only be a matter of time before it’s common across the country.”

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