Renault Trezor concept car teaser

Radical Renault Trezor EV concept set for Paris

Renault Trezor concept car teaserRenault has announced it will tease its future brand identity at the Paris Motor Show with a new concept car called Trezor.

It kicks off a new chapter of Renault styling, says the firm: since 2010’s groundbreaking DeZir, the firm has renewed its entire range. Now it’s time to do it again.

Trezor is our first look and, while this teaser doesn’t tell us a fat lot, Renault does hint at a new styling signature “founded on simple, warm and sensuous lines”. Once again, it will be overseen by design chief Laurens van den Acker.

It has a ‘z’ in its name because it’s an all-electric car; Renault goes on to say something about conjuring up a prized, multifaceted object ready to be discovered, but by this stage we had glazed over at this designer-speak.

Renault will reveal the Trezor at 0915h on Thursday 29 September; van den Acker and Groupe Renault chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn will do the honours.

Tune in then to see the first look of Renault’s future new look.

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