New Honda Civic (2017 U.S.)

New Honda Civic hatchback revealed in U.S. export surpise

New Honda Civic (2017 U.S.)Honda has revealed the production-spec new Civic hatchback in a surprise official scoop as the first Swindon, UK-built export-spec five-doors set sail for the United States.

Looking all but identical to the concept model revealed at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, the production Civic hatchback boasts the same bold lines and edgy, eye-catching graphics: it seems the concept was closer to production-spec than we first realised.

The distinctive centre-exit exhausts of the concept are missing – these may come on the mooted new Civic Type-R version – but the distinctive wrap-around tail lights and bold rear bumper design remain.

New Honda Civic (2017 U.S.)

The bulges in the front and rear wheelarches and greater form in the side panels will, along with the more rakish profile, contrast strongly with the current blocky and upright design – this new Civic is likely to find much more favour with customers.

Civics are being exported from Swindon now in readiness for the 10th generation models’ autumn launch because Britain is now the global production hub for the new five-door Civic. A £200 million investment in Swindon secured the plant’s future to build the all-new model.

It’s described as one of Honda’s most comprehensive new model developments ever.

The European version of the new Civic has still to be officially revealed, however: it’s expected to be uncovered in September ahead of the new car’s 2016 Paris Motor Show debut. But it’s unlikely to differ greatly from the U.S. version revealed here though – that’s the whole point of producing a single design at a single location for global markets.

New Honda Civic (2017 U.S.)

Philip Webb, head of cars at Honda UK, said: “Our factory in Swindon will export the model to other key markets around Europe and the rest of the world.”

And UK sales of the new UK-built car? “Production of the hatchback for the UK market will commence towards the end of 2016, with sales beginning in the first quarter of 2017.”

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