Land Rover reveals its Audi Q5-chasing new Discovery Sport, leaving the Freelander name behind to grow Discovery into a Range-Rover style model line.

How do people afford supercars?

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We’ve all done it. Seen a supercar driving past, and wondered how on earth the driver could afford it. A life of crime? Fraud? Drugs? The truth is, it’s probably something a lot more innocent. Many supercar buyers are resorting to finance, just like us mere mortals, to fund their new purchase.


While you won’t find supercar dealers bragging about their zero percent PCP deals, there are a number of independent finance companies happy to quote wannabe supercar owners for their dream cars. One of them is JBR Capital, a London-based firm that specialises in financing the most expensive cars. As 2017 comes to a close, the company has revealed the 10 most popular luxury performance cars it’s been asked to provide quotes for in 2017.