Parents spend 197 days ferrying kids about

kids2On average, parents spend a staggering 197 days acting as taxi drivers for their kids before they reach their 20th birthday.

A report by Goodyear found that in a typical week, parents clock up 30 miles on average ferrying their children around – and a whopping 26,741 miles is covered before the child’s 20th birthday.

While one in five parents admit that their 12 to 16-year-old is ‘too lazy’ to walk, cycle or get a bus, many appreciate the time with their offspring. Half of the parents surveyed said they use the time in the car to question their kids about their schoolwork, while 14% quiz them about their personal life ‘as they can’t get away’.

The research, which surveyed over 2,000 parents, comes as Goodyear launches a campaign to encourage parents to teach their children about driving at a younger age, in a bid to reduce car accidents involving new drivers.

Goodyear Driving Academy spokesperson, Kate Rock, said: “Playing taxi to your children is often a thankless task and one many parents just see as a means to an end.

“However we are on a mission to encourage parents to seize the opportunity that the regular time in the car presents to educate children about road safety from an early age.”

How many miles a week do you drive ferrying your own kids around?

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