You could own this unicorn HSV W427 Aussie muscle car

HSV W427 for sale

Launched over ten years ago, the HSV W427 was a celebration of the VE platform. Just 137 of these unicorn HSVs were built, and the last one made is up for sale.

Packing a 500hp (375kW) 7.0-litre LS7 dry-sump GM V8 that revs to over 7,000rpm, and a high-strength transmission, the W427 was a proper skunkworks special. Ordinary HSV products would come from the Holden factory in Adelaide with the engine pre-fitted. The W427 came as a shell, with the LS7s arriving at HSV in crates from America. It’s like a Black Series Mercedes or GTS BMW – difficult to get over the line in the boardroom.

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Just like the expensive skunkworks Mercs and BMWs, in spite of its coolness, the W427 still struggled to justify its 156,000AUD (£86,000) list price when new. Original production was slated to be 427. As above, eventual numbers didn’t clear a third of that.

As we know, a contemporary white elephant usually translates to a modern classic. That’s exactly what the W427 is, given this one is now listed for 200,000AUD (£110,000). 


HSV W427 for sale

Then again, this is a very special example of what is a very special car. As above, it’s the 137th of 137 made, completed in July 2009, and it has a scarcely believable 337km (209 miles) on the odometer.

The car comes complete with a HSV Authenticity certificate, a numbered mounted wall plaque, a boat load of HSV memorabilia and magazine reviews. Open the bonnet and you’ll find the aforementioned monster V8, previously only seen in the Corvette Z06, with an engine cover signed by then-HSV owner and Holden racing legend Tom Walkinshaw.