Royal Range Rover for sale Auto Trader

Prince Philip’s Royal Range Rover is up for sale on Auto Trader – and, in proof of just what the right provenance can do for the value of a car, it carries a price tag DOUBLE what an equivalent Rangie without Royal stewardship sells for.

The only other 2016 4.4-litre with under 5,000 miles on Auto Trader is just under £67,000. Want this stately slice of Royal transport history on your drive? That’ll be £129,850, please and thank you.

Royal Range Rover for sale Auto Trader

Admittedly, it is a very low mileage example of the car. With just 3,200 miles on the clock, it’s fair to say that, compared to some Range Rovers it, like its former owners, has lived a sheltered Royal life.

It’s a 4.4-litre SDV8 featuring some choice upgrades in preparation to take Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip about their business in safety and comfort, during the two years it was in the Royal household.

That included a trip to see President Obama and The First Lady Michelle during their state visit to the UK. Auto Trader describes it as ‘reliable’. Make of that what you will…

When new, this car would have cost around £105,000, so, incredibly for a Range Rover, it’s actually gone up in value. Auto Trader calculates a value increase of around 24 percent.

Of course, a car is only worth what someone will pay. Right now, this car is still for sale…

Royal Range Rover for sale Auto Trader

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